Cub Scout Pack
Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Chartered by The Knights of Columbus

Ask A Scout

This page is for questions you or your child might have about Scouting, with answers provided by the Scouts themselves. Some editing and formatting might be done to spare the innocent.
What is the Coolest Thing about Scouting?
"You can get prizes for selling popcorn, and if you sell enough, you get money in a special account that you can use to buy stuff at the Scout Shop. You can do really cool things like go camping, and fishing, and usually you get to build really cool things that you can keep. And you can get a knife to whittle wood."
I Have it Safe?
"Yes it is safe, you just have to tell the Scout leaders that you have allergies. Just in case, you should keep your medicine on you. Whatever you are allergic to, they try to not have that in the snacks at our meetings. 
How Often Do you Camp?
"About every three to four months, but during the summer you camp more than during the school year. At stuff like resident camp, you have really fun stuff, and sometimes you get to stay the night at camp. At camp, you do archery, BBs, whittling, carpentry, and another fun thing is hiking. "
Is There a Lot of Work to Be A Scout?
Not a lot, but sometime yoiu have to do work, but usually you get a prize or something cool for doing it. When we were setting up camp, we had to move hay bales and help people figure out where to set up the archery range and where that should be. It wasn't too hard, and I got to shoot the first arrow!
Can you Bring Your Own Food to Meetings?
Yes, and they try to let you bring your own food, but most of the time they bring food for you. And usually there is a schedule so you don't have to worry about bringing your own food.
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