Cub Scout Pack
Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Chartered by The Knights of Columbus

Pack 125 By-Laws

Like all organizations, Cub Scout Packs need rules, procedures, and policies in order to run more efficiently. While we are currently in the process of amending and ratifying these by-laws, there are some general topics you should be aware of.


Pack 125 believes wearing the Boy Scout uniform to be a critical step in the program. The Scouts share a sense of belonging when wearing the uniform, and help all of us stay aware of our membership in the organization. Some key points to remeber:
  1. Class A uniform shirts, hats, and kneckerchiefs are required at all pack meetings
  2. Leaders need to wear the Class A shirt to all pack meetings as well
  3. During Den meetings, Class B shirts are acceptable
  4. Uniform items (patches, pins, etc) must be placed in the correct location


One of the key points in Scouting is "paying your own way". Community service projects and fundraising are the best ways for young scouts to learn to support themselves. All fundraising efforts, though, must have a purpose, so Pack 125's fundraising goals and activities will be based on the needs of the annual budget. Key points:
  1. Only council-approved fundraisers are authorized
  2. Scouts may not solict donations
  3. Scouts will be able to use a percentage of the money raised to enhance their scouting experience
  4. No scout will be prohibited from scouting if they are unable to raise funds


Pack 125 leaders are NOT responsible for the disciplining of Scouts. In a value-driven organization, proper behavior is both expected and required. Leaders and parents are empowered to do their best to redirect the behaviors of any scout, but if they are unsuccesful, steps will be taken to improve the situation:
  1. After first warning, scout will be removed from activity for an appropriate time period
  2. If the behavior continues, the parent (if not present) will be asked to pick up child
  3. Repeated and/or severe disruptions (especially acts of violence or disrespect to others) will require a meeting between the committee chair and parent
  4. The pack exists to provide a safe and fun environment for the many, and will not endure one child's behavior. Should the child need to be removed from the pack, the prorated membership dues will be refunded


The pack is no different than any other organization - it requires monetary and human resources to operate. These funds are used for advancements, outings, food and drink, national dues, insurance, etc. The Pack will only collect/raise funds that are minimally required to provide an outstanding program for the Scouts.
  1. The treasurer will provide a monthly statement to all parents in order to share the business stance of the Pack.
  2. An annual plan and budget requirement will be developed by the parents and committee by the 31st of August, for that scouting year.
  3. Dues will be paid by September 30th of each year to ensure adequate time to send to Council
  4. Scouts will be able to place up to $500 dollars of their fundraising money in a Cub account. These funds can be used for registration, uniform items, scout shop merchandise, camping, and outings.


The pack runs with the fuel of adult volunteers. Without a minimally staffed pack committee, the pack will cease to function. We observe these rules when conducting committee business:
  1. Any parent can volunteer for a committee position
  2. Cubmaster, den leaders, and committee chair positions shall be voted on by secret ballot
  3. Half of all designated committee members must be present to conduct a vote (quorum)
  4. If more than one adult per family is on the committee, that family gets one vote
  5. 2/3 majority vote is required to pass a motion/approve an expense
  6. While volunteers, members not performing their duties in the best interests of the pack will be asked to resign


The Pack understands the importance of immediate and authentic recognition of Scouts and Leaders alike. Every meeting and outing should have time set aside to celebrate the achievements of the Pack, large and small. To that end,  we will:
  1. Budget for normal and special achievements and advancements for the Scouts
  2. Appoint an advancement chair to enthusiastically manage the execution of the awards and recognition program
  3. Train leaders to prioritize and work towards advancements and recognition of Scouts
  4. Encourage Leaders to work towards and complete personal and professional awards
  5. Use the most effective tools and technology to ensure advancements and achievements are recorded