Cub Scout Pack
Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Chartered by The Knights of Columbus

Getting Started

First Steps

By reading through this site, you have already taken the first step towards giving your child a memorable experience. But you probably have some more questions to ask about us, the program, the organization. We will try to provide some of the more common questions and answers in this section. If you still have questions, just contact us!

Who Can Join?

This is a very good question. Cub Scouts is available only to boys (girls have the Girl Scouts, and all those cookies) who are in grades 1-5 OR ages 7-11. A boy is considered a first-grader the day after his last school day in Kindergarten, thus allowing him to get an early start, attend camp, etc. 

Who Much Does It Cost?

The cost of Scouting is dependent on several factors, including prior enrollment, subscriptions to Boy's Life, level of activity, etc. We would never allow financial hardship to prevent a youth from experiencing Scouting, so scholarships and financial assistance are available if needed. 
To get started in Scouting, it will cost the typical new family about $150 over the course of a year. WAIT! That is just the opening price, so let's see where the money goes, and what we can do to lower it.
  • $31 - Registration Fee - This fee INCLUDES:
    • Council Registration Fee ($24.00)
    • Council Insurance ($7.00)
  • $78 - $110 - Uniform Fees - This following ITALIC items are required:
    • Class A Uniform Shirt ($24.99)
    • Unit Numerals ($4.50)
    • Council Patch ($5.00)
    • Den Number ($1.50)
    • Crest ($1.99)
    • Rank Hat ($15.00)
    • Kneckerchief and Slide ($15.00)
    • Discount Priced Book ($10.00)
    • Pants ($24.99) - Optional
    • Belt ($9.99) - Optional

Seems Like a Lot?

You wouldn't be the first family to say this. The good news is that once the uniform is purchased (with the exception of the new hat, kneckerchief, and slide each year) your Scout shouldn't need a new one for 3-4 years. 
Also, when you compare the cost of other activities, the price for this character-building, values-driven leisure activity can't be beat. For example:
  • Ballet - $560
    • $55 per month (nine month program)
    • $45 costume fee
    • $10 for each recital ticket (two free)
  • Little League - $245 to $420
    • $55 registration fee for two-month season
    • $15 snacks and drink at least once per season
    • $100 - $150 for pants, cup, cleats, batting helmet
    • $75 - $200 if you need bat and glove
  • Band - You better know someone with a triangle!

But Wait, There's More!

In Pack 125, we believe a Scout is thrifty, and pays his own way. So we have devised a program that uses regular fundraising activities to pay for individual scouting events. Here is how it works:
  1.  Pay your registration and purchase your uniform items (KEEP THE RECEIPTS!)
  2.  Sell stuff! We typically hold two council-sponsored fundraisers each year: popcorn in the Fall and Nuts in the Spring.
  3.  We will place 50% of all your total NET sales into a dedicated "virtual account", up to $500 dollars. For exeample:
  • Sell popcorn/nuts in your neighborhood and do some booth sales in front of local businesses
  • If you sell $1,000 of popcorn, the pack gets to keep 38% of that, or $380
  • For popcorn, the Scout will earn 18% for every dollar raised. So $1,000 in sales will earn the scout $190 dollars that can be applied to registration, uniforms, or other scouting-related items. 
  • Even better, the Nuts for Camping Sale in the Spring earns each Scout 35% of the net profit, up to the account maximum of $500. Only 5% of spring nut sales goes to the pack, and Scouts immediately earn their share. Already have money in there? Just spend it at the Scout Shop in Virginia or pre-pay your registration for next year.
  • If done right, Scouts can participate in the entire Scouting year for little or no out-of-pocket expense! And if you get through Cub Scouting with extra money, we will transfer that amount to the Boy Scout troop. 
Note: If the SWcout leaves Scouting, all money in the Cub accounts return to the pack general funds.