Cub Scout Pack
Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Chartered by The Knights of Columbus

More About Pack 125

Service Area
Pack 125 serves the greater Elizabeth City, North Carolina area. Our nearest elementary school partner is Northside Elementary School, but we have Scouts from a variety of schools, including some home-schooled children.
Meeting Location
For the most part, we conduct the majority of our meetings and activities at Holy Family Catholic Church on North Highway 17. Your specific den might choose to meet at the leaders home or another public location. 
How is the Pack Structured?
Our smallest group of Scouts is called a den - a group of same-grade children, often from different schools/classes. There are five total groups:
  1. Tigers - 1st Grade
  2. Wolves - 2nd Grade
  3. Bears - 3rd Grade
  4. Webelos - 4th Grade 
  5. Arrow of Light - 5th Grade
Placement in a den is based soley on the grade of the child, and a new Scout (in the third grade for example) cannot earn the previous ranks retroactively. We will limit the amount of Scouts in a den to 12, as that is the maximum any sane leaders can handle.
The Dens are part of a larger pack (think about wolves, in particular). Some packs are small, while others have 100 Scouts and multiple dens for each grade. 
Our Pack is chartered, or sponsored, by the Knights of Columbus of Elizabeth City. Our Pack is part of the larger Albemarle District, which coveres Camden, Gates, Chowan, Perquimans, Currituck, and Dare counties (and probably more). This District, in turn, is part of the Tidewater Council, which is one of more that 200 councils in the country. 
What is the Bobcat Rank?
All new Scouts, regardless of den rank, must complete the Bobcat requirements prior to earning their rank badge. We typically try to have this done by November of the school year. The Bobcat is a basic educational badge, really, where the new Scout learns the handshake, the sign, the salute, and the mottos of Scouting. Your den leader will work with the Scout, and give you pointers on reinforcing these items at home.
How Often Do You Meet?
Typically, dens meet at least three times a month, but your den leaders will determine the total amount of meetings and meeting duration. Also, the dens participate in the monthly pack meeting. The pack meeting is a chance for all the dens, parents, and siblings to come together, share some skits and songs, play some games, and focus on the character connection for the month. We often have guest speakers and  tours of local organizations. For a few of the months, we conduct our big events like Pinewood Derby , Blue and Gold Banquet, and Crossover during the pack meeting.
How Can I Help?
So good of you to ask! Parent volunteers are the ONLY source of leadership for our Pack. We always need more parents to serve on committees, help coordinate activities, and sometimes, just share their experiences with the Scouts. We all start a little overwhelmed, but there is plenty of training, mentorship, and guidance available to all new leaders. We even offer some incentive for your time, like a new car! Just kidding. How does free punch sound? All you can eat grapes? Check out our Leadership page for more information on helping out.